What is Carbon build up?

During the combustion process, whether in a petrol or diesel engine, not all the fuel gets burnt! This unburnt fuel leaves behind carbon which over time builds up and causes a number of issues.

  • loss of performance - sluggishness and flat spots
  • louder rumbly engine and lumpy idle
  • smoky exhaust, increased emissions and drop in fuel economy.
  • repair bills covering sticking turbos, blocked DPF and EGR valve issues, swirl flaps sticking, throttle body sticking, etc.

To restore your vehicle's performance, quieten that engine rumble and help prevent costly repair bills then book in for a service today. Prices start at $180 for one vehicle and with multi-vehicle discounts can be brought down to just $150 each.

Contact us now at Engine Carbon Clean to discuss a suitable time and place.

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